6 Useful Homework Apps That Will Save You Time

Nowadays, it’s easy to lose track of assignments, classes and even exams if you are a busy students. And since most college students are quite busy with everything they have to do each day for school, it’s no wonder they forget to submit a paper or even prepare for a test. This is why homework applications have been developed for. If you are looking for a way to keep track of everything quickly and without paying any money, this is the best solution for you. Truth be told, homework planner apps can be used by any student. Why? Because all they require to work is a smartphone or even an Apple or a Samsung watch. And let’s be honest; every student has a smartphone these days.

What are homework applications and how are they used?

You might not have heard about them before. That’s OK, not many students use these homework apps. But the reality is that some of these little applications are very good at what they do. They are like little organizers with very clean interfaces. You can add classes, exams, tests, etc. You can even leave notes. Some of the homework apps even know to alert you if you have conflicting classes or exams. We really don’t know why so few students use these applications. They don’t consume much processing power or battery power. They are always there when you need them. And they are a lot better than a physical organizer. Also, you can’t lose them or the information they contain.

Do you really need homework applications?

Most students didn’t really think about applications for homework. They’re used to the notebook and to doing things the traditional way. When you have an exam or receive an assignment, you write it down on one of the notebooks. But do you know how easy it is to forget about that note? Do you know how easy it is to lose or misplace the notebook? And this can cost you quite a lot. You can miss an exam or you can forget about writing an essay. This means a low grade instantly. So yes, you really do need some good homework apps. Remember, they’re free and you can use them as many times as you need. And you don’t even have to search for them because we have compiled a list of 3 iPhone and 3 Android apps that we consider the best of the best.

Top 3 homework apps for iPhone

There are dozens – if not hundreds – of homework apps for iPhone. We know. However, some of them cost money. Others are simply too basic to work. And there are even some apps that like to crash quite frequently or simply delete all your data. To save you from the trouble or trying a dozen apps, we’ve tried them for you. Here are the best three for college students:

  1. The Homework App – it has a tidy, well organized interface. You can input and see your classes, neatly organized. You can see all the assignments you have due and anything you enter in your schedule area. It even notifies you of important assignments so you never forget about them. Color coding is included, of course.
  2. My Study Life – another clean app which doesn’t crash. It has the most features of them all. You can see the classes you have for the next day (or for every other day). It can alert you of tasks and exams. It even knows to alert you if one of your exams interferes with one of your classes.
  3. OmniFocus – it was not designed for educational purposes, but it works great. You can use it to track test dates and assignments. You can track classes and receive notifications. And it’s location-aware, so you get notifications about your tasks when you approach the locations you’ve set for them.

Top 3 homework apps for Android

We also have three homework apps for Android devices. They offer much the same functionality as the apps for iPhones, so we won’t delve into many details. All the apps are able to send notifications about due dates and all of them support color-coding. So the 3 apps that make homework easy on Android are:

  1. Student Planner – Homework Agenda & Notes – it allows you to break large tasks into smaller tasks.
  2. Egenda – you just open the app and start adding classes, assignments and due dates.
  3. ChalkBoard – it’s simple, yet pretty full of features.

Any other solutions available?

In case you want more radical solutions, there is always the professional academic writer. You can get real homework assistance from such a professional, something that an app can’t do. However, if you decide you could really use some online help, make sure you pick the best academic writing company possible. You want to work with the best!

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